FedPayments Improvement Community

As a part of the FedPayments Improvement Community, interested parties can stay informed and engaged in an exchange of information pertaining to the Fed’s efforts to improve the U.S. payment system.

Task Forces

Participate & Engage

Visit the links below for information on the Faster Payments Task Force and Secure Payments Task Force, including the charter, links to register for the task forces, participation agreements and more. Task force meeting materials and work products will be shared publicly, as appropriate, with materials posted here for broad stakeholder review. Firms or individuals who are not participants of the task force will be able to view future task force materials, engage in a broader dialogue on task force matters, and provide input and information on questions and issues under task force consideration.

Business Payments Coalition

The Business Payments Coalition is a group of organizations and individuals working together to promote greater use of electronic business-to-business (B2B) payments and electronic remittance data exchanges. The Coalition accomplishes this objective by addressing various problems and barriers that make it difficult for businesses to use electronic alternatives to paper checks and remittance advices.

Calling All Faster Payment Innovators

The Faster Payments Task Force is interested in learning about your cutting-edge ideas to make payments faster!

Are you one of the best and brightest working on capabilities aimed to make payments faster? This is your chance to display your capabilities to the Faster Payments Task Force and your industry peers.

The Faster Payments Capability Showcase is a portal-based forum where solution providers can showcase payment component capabilities that can support end-to-end faster payments solutions. While capabilities put forth in the showcase are not intended to address all the Faster Payments Effectiveness Criteria, or provide for a complete, end-to-end payments solution, capabilities should address one or more of the Effectiveness Criteria and be intended as a component of an effective end-to-end payments solution.

Learn more about the Capability Showcase and how to complete your payments capability submission.