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The Federal Reserve believes that industry collaboration is the foundation of any enduring strategic improvements to the U.S. payment system. To that end, the Federal Reserve continues to engage with thousands of payment stakeholders, from across the payments ecosystem, to improve the end-to-end speed, efficiency and security of payments.

The FedPayments Improvement Community has over 4,700 members representing financial institutions, merchant and business end users, consumer interest groups, nonbank payment service providers and networks, government users, regulators, industry trade associations, and more.

FedPayments Improvement Community Membership Benefits

As outlined in the Federal Reserve Next Steps in the Payments Improvement Journey (PDF), the enhanced FedPayments Improvement Community aims to provide opportunities for all stakeholders to engage in its full portfolio of payments improvement initiatives.

As a member, you will be able to make sure your voice is heard by engaging when and how you wish, and by tailoring your engagement by indicating which initiatives and topics are of interest to you.


You will join 4,700+ members that participate in webinars, surveys, and online and in-person events including the FedPayments Improvement Community Forum.


You will receive regular communications, including our monthly FedPayments Improvement Pulse newsletter, that keep you up to date on the latest payments improvement announcements and opportunities to further engage.

We encourage you to review our archive of past FedPayments Improvement Pulse newsletters to catch up on the latest announcements and engagement opportunities.


Have the opportunity to participate in small, collaborative work groups and help shape the future of the U.S. payment system. You’ll also be invited to provide feedback regarding work group and/or Fed-sponsored work efforts.

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FedPayments Improvement Pulse Monthly Newsletters

The FedPayments Improvement Pulse is a monthly newsletter distributed to our FedPayments Improvement Community members near the end of each month. It provides a quick summary of the latest payments improvement announcements and a listing of opportunities to further engage.

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FedPayments Improvement FAQ’s

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