FedPayments Improvement Community Roundtables

Engaging with FedPayments Improvement Community members is an important part of our collaborative approach to improving the U.S. payment system. In-person engagements, like our 2018 FedPayments Improvement Community Forum, are a valuable opportunity for Federal Reserve leaders to share updates on payments improvement initiatives and to hear feedback from Community members. To build on the success of our Forum, in 2019 we are hosting a series of roundtables at industry conferences for our Community members.

The first FedPayments Improvement Community Roundtable of 2019 was hosted in Orlando, FL on May 7, 2019. For insights from the roundtable, please read our summary (PDF).

Check Out Our Speakers

Speakers for our May 7 Roundtable included:

Discussion Topics

Attendees discussed the following at the May 7 roundtable:

Faster Payments

  • Faster Payments Implementation Strategy and Planning
  • Meeting Consumer and Business Needs with Faster Payments

International Payments

  • Cross-Border Payments Landscape

Payments Efficiency

  • ISO® 20022 for Corporate Clients
  • E-Invoicing Challenges and Opportunities

Payments Security

  • Fraud Classification for ACH, Wire and Check
  • Synthetic Identity and Remote Payments Fraud

Coming Soon!

We will update this page with dates for future roundtables as they become available.

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