Faster Payments Capability Showcase

Calling All Faster Payment Innovators

The Faster Payments Task Force is interested in learning about your cutting-edge ideas to make payments faster!

Are you one of the best and brightest working on capabilities aimed to make payments faster? This is your chance to display your capabilities to the Faster Payments Task Force and your industry peers.

What is the Capability Showcase?

The Capability Showcase is a portal-based forum where solution providers can showcase payment component capabilities that can support end-to-end faster payments solutions. While capabilities put forth in the showcase are not intended to address all the Faster Payments Effectiveness Criteria, or provide for a complete, end-to-end payments solution, capabilities should address one or more of the Effectiveness Criteria and be intended as a component of an effective end-to-end payments solution.

The portal is accessible to members of the general public who elect to submit a capability, as well as to members of the Faster and Secure(Off-site) Payments Task Forces.

How do I submit my payment capability to the Capability Showcase?

First, you will need to obtain access to the portal for the Capability Showcase by requesting an account. The Capability Showcase is housed in a platform known as Knowledge Central which requires acceptance of the Knowledge Central User Agreement (PDF) to gain access to the site. By accepting the terms in the Knowledge Central User Agreement you will be also be acknowledging acceptance to the terms outlined in the Knowledge Sharing Agreement (PDF) and the Capability Showcase User Terms and Guidelines (PDF) for the Capability Showcase.

When you request access, please complete all the required fields and follow the additional directions below:

  • Affiliation: If you are a task force member select “Faster Payments Task Force” or “Secure Payments Task Force” in the drop-down menu. If you are not a member or are a member of both select “FRS Payments Improvement.”
  • Name of Community You are Joining: At the bottom of the form, type in “Faster Payments Capability Showcase” as the name of the community you would like to join.

Participation in the Capability Showcase will require that you submit a capability submission form, which requests company information and a video highlighting your capability. Some of the information you can expect to submit in the Capability Showcase includes:

  • A video of up to seven minutes that provides an overview of your capability
  • Capability description
  • Company and contact information
  • ‘Component type’ or the type of function(s) your capability satisfies from the list of Faster Payments Effectiveness Criteria (PDF)
  • Industry segment and business sector from a provided list of options
  • Public sharing preference – Indicate if your video submission, company profile and your component type classification should be shared for the general public to view in the Faster Payments Capability Showcase YouTube Channel or available only within the secure portal for viewing by task force members and showcase participants
  • Supplementary documentation you think will be helpful in highlighting your capability

Additional details are in the submission instructions provided within the portal. These offer step-by-step directions for how to upload content about your capability.

Video Submission Details

As noted above, your submission will consist of a video no more than seven minutes in length highlighting your capability that can support a faster payments solution for the U.S. payment system. Company advertisements are not allowed. Videos are expected to be executive-level summaries of your product/service, explaining how the capability can help in the development of a faster payments solution for the U.S. payment system. Proprietary or confidential information, such as specific details of processes or procedures, are not intended to be and should not be shared within the video. All submissions and content are at the discretion of the submitter. Please note only one video is allowed per product/service.

Capability Showcase Submissions

Below are the approved Faster Payments Capability Showcase submissions received to date. You can search by the organization name or capability submission name as well as the watch the video submissions. Please Note: Submissions are listed in the order in which they were received and approved for publishing.

OrganizationCapability Submission NameVideo Submission
Moshulu Group Inc. & SupiPay Inc.Global Real Time Payment SystemWatch the Video
PayCommerceFederated LedgerWatch the Video
DwollaWhite LabelWatch the Video
SafeCashPayments TechnologiesWatch the Video
WingCashDigital Banknote PlatformWatch the Video
RippleReal Time Cross Border TransactionsWatch the Video
The Xalgorithms FoundationFederated Registry of RulesWatch the Video
NCR: submission 1Faster PaymentsWatch the Video
TransaXiom LTDDigital CashWatch the Video
MineralTreeMineralTreeWatch the Video
ECCHOFaster Payments RulesWatch the Video
ACI WorldwideUP Immediate PaymentsWatch the Video
FISEmpowers Financial Lives With Real-Time PaymentsWatch the Video
EPCOREducation & Client SupportWatch the Video
NCR: Submission 2Fractals for Faster Payments FraudWatch the Video
TokenA Modern Instant, Secure Payment SystemWatch the Video
TASCETSuper TokenWatch the Video
InterComputer CorporationSecure Real Time Payments With Reconcilable FinalityWatch the Video
D+H: Submission 1Solutions for Financial InstitutionsWatch the Video
Deluxe CorporationDeluxe eChecksWatch the Video
D+H: Submission 2Solution for the Central SchemeWatch the Video
Tata Consultancy Services LTDTCS BaNCSWatch the Video
CGIPayments SolutionsWatch the Video
Mobile Authentication Corp.One-Time Password User Authentication SolutionWatch the Video
CONIX Systems Inc.: Submission 1Bank Settlement Across all Payments ChannelsWatch the Video
CONIX Systems Inc.: Submission 2Duplicate and Fraud DetectionWatch the Video
CONIX Systems Inc.: Submission 3Cross Bank Inquiry for Duplicate and Fraudulent PaymentsWatch the Video
CONIX Systems Inc.: Submission 4Risk DetectiveWatch the Video
SWIFTReal-Time Payment SolutionsWatch the Video
MrouteThe Multi-Payee Payment Routing SystemWatch the Video
Virtual Process DesignEliminate Check Handling and Enhance Quick Response CodeWatch the Video
International CyberBanque, Ltd.CyberMoney Mobile PaymentWatch the Video
DovetailDovetail Payment SolutionWatch the Video

As noted above, each submission is required to choose the type of function(s) the capability satisfies from the list of Faster Payments Effectiveness Critieria (PDF). To learn more about the Effectiveness Critieria associated with each Capability Showcase submission (with enhanced search functionality), view the videos listed by the Effectiveness Criteria capability function(s) selected by the submitter.