August 2018 Pulse Newsletter


Survey Yields Important Insights for Proposed U.S. Faster Payments Council

The Governance Framework Formation Team has released a survey report summarizing more than 1,000 comments on the proposed Operating Vision (PDF) for the U.S. Faster Payments Council (FPC). Respondents revealed support for the FPC and insights on how the organization could be changed to better serve the needs of the payments industry.

Recent Announcements

Governor Lael Brainard to Keynote FedPayments Improvement Community Forum

We are excited to formally announce that Federal Reserve Board Governor Lael Brainard will deliver a keynote speech at the FedPayments Improvement Community Forum in downtown Chicago this October! Registration (Off-site) for the Forum remains open and we encourage you to attend this inaugural event to hear Governor Brainard and other senior officials from across the Federal Reserve share their perspectives on payments in the United States.

Featured industry speakers and workshop sessions will be announced in the coming weeks and posted to the FedPayments Improvement Community Forum page.

Enhance Your Risk Management through Cybersecurity and Fraud Information Sharing

Access the current list of cybersecurity and fraud prevention Information Sharing Data Sources (Off-site) on (Off-site), which includes broad-reaching intelligence reports, payments fraud trends, best practices and benchmarks, and additional resources that can help your organization address payments fraud risk. This resource was developed by the Secure Payments Task Force, which included over 200 participants that represented all stakeholders within the payments ecosystem.

ISO® 20022 for ACH Payments

Gain greater knowledge on where ACH payments fit into the ISO 20022 strategy by visiting the Adoption of ISO 20022 page which provides a wealth of information including an introduction to the ISO 20022 for financial institutions paper, FAQs and access to the NACHA Resource Center. These resources can also help you learn more about the practices and opportunities of ISO 20022 in the U.S. and globally, as well as the myths surrounding what this standard can and cannot support.

Your Voice Matters – Stay Engaged

Now is the Perfect Time to Join the Business Payments Coalition (BPC)

The BPC is a volunteer group of organizations and individuals working together to promote greater adoption of electronic business-to-business (B2B) payments and remittance data. Visit the BPC website (Off-site) to learn more about the group and sign up (Off-site) for one of the work groups focusing on B2B remittance, e-Invoicing or ISO 20022 to get engaged.

Meet with Federal Reserve Experts at Upcoming Industry Events

Solutions Payments Conference (Off-site): Sept. 19-20
ISO 20022 Strategy, Execution and Support
An Examiner’s Perspective on the Payments Landscape
Real-Time Payments are Real Today! How Are They Impacting You?

Real-Time Payments Summit (Off-site): Sept. 25
Faster Payments: Building a Governance Framework

BAI Beacon Conference (Off-site): Oct. 9-11
Faster Payments — So What’s Next?

Sibos 2018 Conference (Off-site): Oct. 22-25

Visit our Events page to learn more and reserve time to speak with Federal Reserve experts.

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