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Who We Are

The Business Payments Coalition is a volunteer group of organizations and individuals working together to promote greater adoption of electronic business-to-business (B2B) payments and remittance data. The Coalition’s overarching goal is to make B2B payments more efficient across the end-to-end process, that is, to achieve straight-through-processing across both the procure-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles. The Coalition accomplishes this objective by addressing problems and barriers that make it difficult for businesses to use electronic alternatives to paper checks and remittance advices. There is no cost to join or to participate in Coalition efforts.

Remittance information refers to details about a payment. It tells what the payment is for and explains variances between the amount billed and amount paid. In B2B payments, often a remittance advice is sent by the buyer to the seller to inform the seller that a payment has been or is about to be made, the specific items or invoices being paid, and the reasons for any discrepancies between the invoiced amount and the paid amount (for example, discounts, deductions, and adjustments taken in accordance with the terms of the sale or contract).

Participation in the Coalition is open to any individual or organization interested in the Coalition’s objectives.

What We Do

The Business Payments Coalition promotes B2B payments education through regular conference calls, in-person meetings and webinars. It also sponsors and facilitates workgroups that develop educational, technical and standards material.

New Business Payments Coalition Publication

Do you have small business trading partners? Whether you send payments to or receive payments from small businesses, the article New Minimum Remittance Data Guidelines Help Small Trading Partners Apply Payments (PDF) offers tips for remittance information.

The Business Payments Coalition has published the results of its Simple Remittance Requirements (PDF) initiative. The Simple Remittance Requirements Work Group defined data needs for simple remittance information that can be easily adopted by small to medium businesses (SMBs). Developed for payment service and SMB accounting software providers, and those with SMB trading partners, the intent of the paper is to:

  • Highlight of the needs of the SMB market segment
  • Provide guidelines for minimum remittance data
  • Document payment/remittance terminology for consistency and interoperability
  • Serve as a foundational building block for other remittance efforts
  • Serve as a resource for industry discussions

Volunteer Recognition

The BPC appreciates volunteers who helped with two large initiatives in 2017. Achieving results on worthwhile projects takes time, and volunteers are making a difference. In the past the BPC has selected one or two volunteers of the year but this past year we had the good fortune of increased engagement by many BPC members and felt it appropriate to acknowledge the contribution of a broader group of members.

There were two B2B Directory work groups that helped the Business Payments Directory Association complete requirements and a governance model to prepare for their Request for Proposal for a directory. Volunteers that made significant contributions in 2017 are:

  • Larry Buettner, Deluxe
  • Attila Csutak, Fiserv
  • Tracy Dalton, State Bank & Trust
  • Dan Ellecamp, retired treasury professional (CSAA)
  • Paula Epstein, TD Bank
  • Michael Jasper, Basware
  • Micah Kerr, Discover
  • Kathy Levin, NACHA
  • Karen Moss, TD Bank
  • AJ Nathan, Discover
  • Anita Patterson, retired treasury professional (Cox Enterprises)
  • Rosanne Rosenberger, Key Bank
  • Eileen Schwed, CIT Bank
  • George Throckmorton, NACHA
  • Scott Volmar, InterComputer

The e-Invoicing work group continued with e-Invoicing work following the publication of U.S. Adoption of Electronic Invoicing: Challenges and Opportunities in 2016. In 2017, the group completed and published the Catalog of Electronic Invoice Technical Standards. Volunteers that made significant contributions in 2017 are:

  • Robert Blair, X9
  • Cassandra Gordon, TD Bank
  • Roger Hatfield, Cloud-Trade, Inc.
  • Michael Jasper, Basware
  • Travis Lachinski, US Bank
  • Candace Marton, Boost Payments Solutions
  • Elaine Nowak, High Radius
  • Chris Pfeiffer, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  • Sandra Roth, J&J
  • Rich Urban, IFX, Inc.
  • Ken Virgin, iPayables
  • Tom Womble, CedarDocs

The level of engagement in 2018 is once again high and the BPC thanks and appreciates the time, effort and thought leadership of the volunteers that are already contributing to a very productive 2018.

Business Payments Coalition Work Groups

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