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Small Business Payments Toolkit

The Small Business Payments Toolkit offers plain-language, practical education about various payment types, explains the benefits of electronic payments and describes how small businesses can avoid being victimized by payment fraud. The toolkit also contains an extensive resource section with links to additional information.

See companion webinars and documents on the Small Business Payments page.


e-Invoice Interoperability Framework Assessment Report (2018, PDF)
The e-Invoice Interoperability Framework Assessment Report provides the  BPC workgroup preliminary assessment of the e-Invoicing Interoperability Framework.  The report provides an overview of the goals and approach used for the assessment along with key themes that emerged.

Catalog of Electronic Invoice Technical Standards (2017, PDF)
The Catalog of Electronic Invoice Technical Standards documents the large number of electronic invoice technical standards that exist in the U.S. market, resulting in a fragmented market and interoperability challenges among the standards. The purpose is to lay the foundation for the U.S. market on selecting an invoice standard to accelerate the adoption of electronic invoicing by U.S. businesses.

Standards and Remittance Information

Simple Remittance Requirements (2018, PDF)
This document defines data needs for simple remittance information that can be easily adopted by small and medium businesses (SMBs). It identifies three levels of remittance data, which, if included with an electronic payment, would facilitate cash application and reconciliation for SMBs.

Remittance Glossary (2014, PDF)
This technical report is a glossary of terms associated with business-to-business payment methods and payment remittance data.

Remittance Standards Inventory (2013, PDF)
The Remittance Standards Inventory is a comprehensive inventory of relevant B2B payment remittance standards.

Understanding Trends in the Provision of Remittance Standards (2015, PDF)
This document describes three categories of lessons learned and findings of interviews with accounts payable vendors about their experience with remittance standards.

Understanding ISO® 20022 Resource Guide (05/17, PDF)
This guide is a compilation of existing resources that provide information on the ISO 20022 standard, including tools that help with transitioning to the new standard such as mapping tools and implementation guides.

U.S. Adoption of ISO 20022 (05/17, PDF)
This white paper, which is a companion document to the Understanding ISO® 20022 Resource Guide, provides evidence of U.S. adoption of ISO 20022 for corporate to bank payment operations.

ISO 20022 in Plain English (02/17, PDF)
This is the presentation from webinar “Overview of ISO 20022: A Business Framework Discussion”, which covered the basics of ISO 20022, with ISO 20022 explained in plain language.

Core Adjustment Reason Code Technical Report (2013, PDF)
This technical report presents a streamlined set of codes for adjusting a B2B payment amount and provides an overview of how to use these codes in the exchange and processing of remittance information.

The Experience of Food Distributors in Utilizing and Updating Remittance Formats: A Market Segmentation Analysis (2015, PDF)
This paper summarizes interviews with food distributors about standards adoption and complexity.

Other Topics

Retail Debit Balances Best Practices and Procedures (2016, PDF)

Best Practices for Handling Retail Debit Balances Webinar Recording (2016, YouTube)
This technical report is a useful tool for retail industry members and software vendors who desire to improve and standardize how debit balances are handled by various trading partners.

B2B Directory Concept Paper (2014, PDF)
2014 whitepaper from the B2B Directory workgroup documenting the directory concept

Survey of Business Practitioners – Final Report (2012, PDF)
Summary of results of the 2012 survey of business practitioners about Electronic Payments & Remittance Data: Pain Points & Solutions