Check-in With the Secure Payments Task Force Work Groups

As outlined in Strategies for Improving the U.S. Payment System (PDF), one of the objectives of the Secure Payments Task Force is to determine areas of focus and priorities for future action to advance payment system safety, security and resiliency. In support of that objective, the Secure Payments Task Force created the following work groups:

Each of the work groups convenes regularly to document and discuss the challenges, attributes and desired outcomes of a more effective payments environment as well as the implementing barriers to payments system changes. Think you’d be a good fit for the Secure Payments Task Force? You can engage in task force efforts in a variety of ways:

  • Join the FedPayments Improvement Community

View the current Secure Payments Task Force participant roster, Secure Payments Task Force Charter (PDF) and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you determine the best option for you to engage with task force efforts.