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Community Member Spotlight

Our community member spotlights showcase individuals who are active within the FedPayments Improvement Community. Their inspirational stories and insights share how they approach real-world challenges and opportunities in the journey to payments improvement.

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Community Interest Groups

Community Interest Groups are comprised of industry stakeholders interested in following and providing input on targeted efforts and topics. Stakeholders receive regular updates, exclusive content and event invitations.

You can join a Community Interest Group by submitting or updating your FedPayments Improvement Community profile and selecting topics of interest.

Fraud Definitions Community Interest Group

The Fraud Definitions Community Interest Group remains open to industry stakeholders interested in following and providing input on the group’s deliverables. Members of this group receive regular progress updates and are notified of opportunities to provide feedback on deliverables.


We attend and speak at more than 150 industry gatherings each year, in addition to hosting our own in-person and online events. View our calendar to see where we’ll be and how you can engage with us!

FedPayments Improvement Community Roundtable

In-person engagements are a valuable opportunity to share updates on payments improvement initiatives and hear from our Community members. As such, we host a series of roundtables at industry conferences to engage members and build on our collaborative approach to improving the U.S. payment system.

Stay tuned for information about our upcoming FedPayments Improvement Community Roundtable!

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