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Learn How You Can Improve the Security of the U.S. Payment System – Follow the Secure Payments Task Force Today

Protecting the security and integrity of the U.S. payments system is a top priority and the responsibility of all payments industry stakeholders. Through unpresecure payments task force banner artcedented industry collaboration, the Secure Payments Task Force has already started laying the foundation to address payments security challenges by identifying and promoting actions that can be taken by payment system participants.

In addition, the task force is developing valuable resources to improve the awareness and implementation of cybersecurity and fraud information sharing among U.S. payments industry participants. Keep reading to get highlights about the group’s first deliverable and learn how you can participate in this groundbreaking collaboration.

Expansive Set of Cybersecurity and Fraud Information

We are pleased to announce the launch of the website where you can find this valuable resource to help you mitigate payments fraud.

The Information Sharing Data Sources were complied by the task force to highlight intelligence reports, payments fraud trends, best practices and benchmarks, and additional resources that can help organizations address payments fraud risk.

Share Feedback

Go to to share your experiences and feedback, or to submit relevant data sources for addition to the list. Help motivate the payment industry to realize improvements and encourage advancements that work toward a better payments landscape for all.

Be a Part of the Change

Protecting the security and integrity of the U.S. payment system is a top priority and responsibility for all payments industry stakeholders. Through unprecedented industry collaboration, the Secure Payments Task Force provides a forum for stakeholders to advise the Federal Reserve in its leader/catalyst and operator roles on payment security matters, and helps identify and promote actions that can be taken by payment system participants collectively or by the Federal Reserve System.

Get involved today! Join the Community

The Secure Payments Task Force needs your support to help secure the U.S. payment system! Join the Community to provide advice on security matters and help determine areas of focus to advance payment system security.

Join the Secure Payments Task Force

Collaborate with your peers on the Secure Payments Task Force who share your passion for realizing material improvements on the security challenges of today’s payment systems:

  • Payment Identity Management
  • Data Protection
  • Information Sharing for the Mitigation of Payment Risk and Fraud


Visit for a deeper dive into the task force, the work they have completed and opportunities to get a seat at the table.

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