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Where in the World is FedPayments Improvement? August Edition

If you’re a regular attendee of payments industry conferences, then chances are you’ve seen one of our speaking sessions or passed by our booth in the exhibit hall. That’s because we’ve been fixtures at many industry events since the launch of our initiative in 2015. This year will be no different as we have a full slate of conferences on our docket. View the schedule below to see where you can find us this month. We look forward to seeing you!

ConferenceDate/TimeSession TitleSpeaker(s)
Avoiding Losses Due to Payments Fraud WebinarAugust 8, 3:00 p.m. ETAvoiding Losses Due to Payments Fraud WebinarAmanda Dorphy
Mary Hughes
Mobile Payments Conference (MPC)August 29, 1:10 p.m. CTBreaking Banks with Brett King: Real-Time Payments - When and What's the PointDan Gonzalez

We regularly attend events to discuss improvements to the U.S. payment system with payment system stakeholders. This collective and collaborative approach is key to implementing enduring strategic improvements to the U.S. payment system. If we have a booth at an industry event, please stop by or reserve time to speak with Federal Reserve experts and to view our schedule beyond the current month, please visit our industry events page.

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