About the Community

We believe that payment system improvements should be collectively identified and embraced by a broad array of payment participants. To that end, we continue to engage with thousands of payment stakeholders, from across the payments ecosystem, to improve the end-to-end speed, efficiency and security of payments.

The FedPayments Improvement Community was formally established in early 2015 as a key channel for bringing stakeholders together. Outreach with the Community includes regular email communications, virtual touchpoints – such as webinars, feedback opportunities – and periodic in-person events.

To-date, more than 8,000 industry leaders have become a part of our vibrant Community.

We invite you to join us in this historic movement.

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A Diverse Collaboration

Collaboration is the foundation of the Federal Reserve’s efforts to improve the U.S. payment system. Our FedPayments Improvement Community welcomes a diverse range of payments industry stakeholders to ensure all perspectives are considered in the payments evolution process. Our members include:

  • Consumer Interest Groups
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government End Users
  • Industry Trade Associations
  • Merchant and Business End Users
  • Nonbank Payment Service Providers and Networks
  • …and more!

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Segment Name Count %
Business End Users 361 4.3%
Consumer Interest Organizations 36 0.4%
Government End Users 105 1.3%
Large Financial Institutions 901 10.8%
Medium Financial Institutions 1,192 14.3%
Nonbank Providers 1,073 12.9%
Other Stakeholders 3,397 40.8%
Small Financial Institutions 1,271 15.2%
Total 8,336 100.0%