Enhanced FedPayments Improvement Community Puts you in Control

We believe that industry collaboration with diverse payment stakeholders is paramount to the success of the Federal Reserve’s payments improvement initiatives. Our commitment to stakeholder engagement is what led us to create the FedPayments Improvement Community back in 2015, and remains the driving force behind the enhancements we’re introducing today. As first described in Federal Reserve Next Steps in the Payments Improvement Journey (PDF), the enhanced FedPayments Improvement Community aims to provide opportunities for all stakeholders to engage in our full portfolio of payments improvement initiatives.

To better help you take advantage of the improvements, here is a summary of the changes and the actions you can take as a new or existing member to get the most out of the enhanced FedPayments Improvement Community:

What’s Changing?

  • We will collect information about your industry segment, your role, and payment system improvement topics and initiatives on which you would like to engage
  • Selecting your areas of interest will allow you to engage with us when and how you wish, as well as give you the opportunity to participate in work groups as they are established
  • Members of the FedPayments Improvement Community will also be notified of opportunities to provide feedback on work group and/or Fed-sponsored work efforts and be invited to attend our online and in-person events

New Members

Existing Members

  • If you are already a member of the community, please visit the FedPayments Improvement Community self-service portal and enter your email address to receive an email listing your current information on file with the option to modify your preferences

The FedPayments Improvement Community will continue to be free and open to all interested stakeholders and represent a continuation of transparent, inclusive, and effective engagement. We look forward to engaging with you!