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Federal Reserve Next Steps in the Payments Improvement Journey Webcast

In today’s webcast, President George and Governor Powell shared insights on the Federal Reserve’s Next Steps in the Payment Improvement Journey (PDF) and answered questions regarding the Fed’s updated strategies to enhance the speed, safety and efficiency of the payment system from end to end through industry engagement and collaboration.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be hosting a FedForum webinar series that will go into further detail on the updated strategies and the nine new tactics the Federal Reserve will employ, in collaboration with industry, to make further progress towards an improved U.S. payment system. Specifically, the webinars will focus on the work to date and progress of the Faster (Off-site) and Secure (Off-site) Payments Task Forces and Federal Reserve, the challenges and opportunities in the industry and next steps toward achieving the desired outcomes of the Strategies paper. Look for information coming soon.