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Pioneers of Now: Continued Adoption for Instant Payments

Momentum for instant payments adoption and the FedNow® Service has continued across the industry as the number of participating financial institutions steadily grows. The Pioneers of Now series represents financial institutions, service providers and members of the broader payments ecosystem who are engaged in the instant payments revolution of the U.S. payment system.

Read more on the recent Pioneers of Now below. Navigate to the full articles to learn about each pioneer’s advice for organizations considering and planning for instant payments, as well as their outlook for the future, why early adoption is important, and more.

Pioneer of Now Booshan Rengachari of Finzly states, "Like any innovation, the move to instant payments represents a mind shift, and financial institutions and their customers are getting to rethink how money can move more efficiently day to day.”

Read the article: Booshan Rengachari of Finzly: Instant payments signal a “mind shift” in money movement (Off-site)

Pioneer of Now Marcell King of Tyfone states "We want to make sure [community banks] have the same capabilities as their larger counterparts so they can better serve the communities they live in and work in."

Read the article: Marcell King of Tyfone on Supporting Community-Based Financial Institutions and Those They Serve (Off-site)

Pioneer of Now Scot Young of HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union states, "The FedNow Service levels the playing field for us in several ways, enabling credit unions like HawaiiUSA to offer the same type of instant payment service as a larger bank.

Read the article: Scott Young of HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union: The FedNow Service “Levels the Playing Field” (Off-site)

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