Faster Payments

Pioneers of Now: Instant Payments Enthusiasm from Across the Industry

With the fast-approaching launch (Off-site) of the FedNowSM Service in 2023, financial institutions and service providers around the country are preparing for the future of instant payments. The Federal Reserve’s ongoing Pioneers of Now series highlights leaders from these organizations working toward early adoption of the FedNow Service.

Read more on the recent Pioneers of Now below. Navigate to the full articles to learn about each pioneer’s advice for organizations considering and planning for instant payments, their outlook for the future, and what use cases they are most looking forward to.

Malinda Ricke

Malinda Rickel of the Bankers’ Bank on Defining the Future of Payments (Off-site)

Andrew Haskel

Andrew Haskell of BNY Mellon Shares his Favorite Instant Payments Use Case (Off-site)

Kevin Olsen

Kevin Olsen of Pidgin Advocates for Industrywide Access to Instant Payments (Off-site)

About the FedNow Service

For a primer on the FedNow Service, review the FedNow Service Readiness Guide (Off-site) or navigate through a personalized guided learning journey (Off-site). You can also visit to join the FedNow Community (Off-site) for ongoing news and updates.