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Progress Report Now Available: Review Accomplishments and Look Ahead to Future Plans

progress report bannerToday, we are excited to announce the release of our Spring Progress Report (PDF), which outlines the important work we’ve completed and next steps toward achieving better, safer, faster payments for everyone.

As you’ll see in the Spring Progress Report, we had another busy year! Highlights and next steps of our payments improvement journey include:


  • Accomplishment: Published the Faster Payments Task Force’s final report, The U.S. Path to Faster Payments (Off-site), which includes the challenges and opportunities for achieving faster payments in the United States and the task force’s recommendations and suggested next steps
  • What’s Next: Facilitate stakeholder feedback on the Governance Framework Formation Team’s proposed faster payments governance framework




  • Accomplishment: Continued ongoing education and outreach efforts regarding service enhancements and tool development geared at driving faster, safer, and more efficient payments, which included updates to the International Payments Resource Centers (Off-site)
  • What’s Next: Advance progress on an update to the Fedwire® Funds Service that expands the Federal Reserve Banks’ market practice to identify SWIFT’s® Global Payments Innovation (GPI) bank transfers in the Fedwire Funds Service message format in early 2019


  • Accomplishment: Facilitated the collaborative work efforts of the faster payments Governance Framework Formation Team, Secure Payments Task Force, Business Payments Coalition, and ISO 20022 Stakeholder Group
  • What’s Next: Initiate enhanced programming, focused on flexibility and engagement, for the 4,000+ FedPayments Improvement Community members, covering initiatives such as the faster payments governance framework, the Secure Payments Task Force’s educational resources, electronic invoicing, B2B payments education, and the ISO 20022 migration plan

To see a detailed summary of these accomplishments and next steps, check out the full version of Spring Progress Report (PDF) and stay engaged in our payments improvement initiatives by joining the FedPayments Improvement Community.