Thank you FedPayments Improvement Community Forum Attendees

Thank you to everyone who attended the inaugural FedPayments Improvement Community Forum in Chicago this week. You brought passion and enthusiasm to the Forum, and your dialogue and engagement is helping to shape the future of a faster, safer and more efficient payment system in the United States.

Did you miss the event? Over the coming weeks, visit the FedPayments Improvement Community Forum page to access summaries of these sessions and the exciting ideas that emerged from them.

There, you will also find meeting materials, speaker biographies and the agenda from the Forum. We covered a variety of topics, including:

  • Next steps in the Federal Reserve’s payment security strategy
  • Key insights on payments efficiency
  • Newest updates on U.S. faster payments
  • Opportunities for industry collaboration in cross-border payments

Through active collaboration with the industry, we are making significant advancements in our payments improvement initiatives!

To hear more about the Federal Reserve’s work and participate in this historic effort to collaborate, engage and transform the U.S. payments system, join the FedPayments Improvement Community.