February 2022 Pulse Newsletter


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Unmasking a Toolkit: Synthetic Identity Fraud Mitigation

The Federal Reserve just released a new toolkit to provide financial institutions, consumers and businesses with an online repository of insights and resources for addressing the growing threat of synthetic identity fraud. Explore the toolkit’s initial four modules and test your knowledge in identifying synthetic identities.

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Benefits of Payment Account Information with Invoices

As business-to-business (B2B) payment processes modernize, the ability to securely send electronic payment information with an electronic invoice (e-invoice) will be a key enabler of efficient electronic payments. Learn about the benefits of including payment account information with e-invoices and new developments to help drive migration from check to electronic payments.

Payments Improvement News and Announcements

When Fraud Occurs During Authentication: Research Brief Series

The Federal Reserve has published a series of research briefs on remote authentication fraud. Read each of the three briefs to explore risks and challenges, opportunities, and mitigation approaches and recommendations for this type of fraud.

Community Member Spotlight: Jayna Bundy on Modernizing B2B Payments

As a leader in Global Treasury and Financial Services at Microsoft, Jayna Bundy has observed how industry-wide inefficiencies can complicate the delivery of payments solutions in the B2B environment. Check out her spotlight article.

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