Faster Payments Capability Showcase

The Faster Payments Task Force had a keen interest in cutting-edge ideas to make payments faster. That’s why they created the Capability Showcase – a forum where solution providers were able to display their innovative thinking around faster payments capabilities to support end-to-end faster payments solutions. While capabilities presented in the showcase were not intended to address all the Faster Payments Effectiveness Criteria, or provide for a complete, end-to-end payments solution, they did address one or more of the Effectiveness Criteria and were intended to be a component of an effective end-to-end payments solution.

Capability Showcase Submissions

View the innovative ideas of the showcase below. You can search by the organization name or capability submission name. Please Note: Submissions are listed in the order in which they were received and approved for publishing.

OrganizationCapability Submission NameVideo Submission
Moshulu Group Inc. & SupiPay Inc.Global Real Time Payment SystemWatch the Video
PayCommerceFederated LedgerWatch the Video
DwollaWhite LabelWatch the Video
SafeCashPayments TechnologiesWatch the Video
WingCashDigital Banknote PlatformWatch the Video
RippleReal Time Cross Border TransactionsWatch the Video
The Xalgorithms FoundationFederated Registry of RulesWatch the Video
NCR: submission 1Faster PaymentsWatch the Video
TransaXiom LTDDigital CashWatch the Video
MineralTreeMineralTreeWatch the Video
ECCHOFaster Payments RulesWatch the Video
ACI WorldwideUP Immediate PaymentsWatch the Video
FISEmpowers Financial Lives With Real-Time PaymentsWatch the Video
EPCOREducation & Client SupportWatch the Video
NCR: Submission 2Fractals for Faster Payments FraudWatch the Video
TokenA Modern Instant, Secure Payment SystemWatch the Video
TASCETSuper TokenWatch the Video
InterComputer CorporationSecure Real Time Payments With Reconcilable FinalityWatch the Video
D+H: Submission 1Solutions for Financial InstitutionsWatch the Video
Deluxe CorporationDeluxe eChecksWatch the Video
D+H: Submission 2Solution for the Central SchemeWatch the Video
Tata Consultancy Services LTDTCS BaNCSWatch the Video
CGIPayments SolutionsWatch the Video
Mobile Authentication Corp.One-Time Password User Authentication SolutionWatch the Video
CONIX Systems Inc.: Submission 1Bank Settlement Across all Payments ChannelsWatch the Video
CONIX Systems Inc.: Submission 2Duplicate and Fraud DetectionWatch the Video
CONIX Systems Inc.: Submission 3Cross Bank Inquiry for Duplicate and Fraudulent PaymentsWatch the Video
CONIX Systems Inc.: Submission 4Risk DetectiveWatch the Video
SWIFTReal-Time Payment SolutionsWatch the Video
MrouteThe Multi-Payee Payment Routing SystemWatch the Video
Virtual Process DesignEliminate Check Handling and Enhance Quick Response CodeWatch the Video
International CyberBanque, Ltd.CyberMoney Mobile PaymentWatch the Video
DovetailDovetail Payment SolutionWatch the Video