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Pioneers of Now: Building Momentum for Instant Payments

Instant payments and the FedNow® Service have seen continued growth as momentum builds across the industry. The Pioneers of Now series represents engaged financial institutions, service providers and members of the broader payments ecosystem united by their commitment to increasing the speed and efficiency of how funds move.

Read more on the recent Pioneers of Now below. Navigate to the full articles to learn about each pioneer’s advice for organizations considering and planning for instant payments, as well as their outlook for the future, why early adoption is important, and more.

"The FedNow Service enables us to expend access to customer centric financial management solutions that are modern, seamless and secure." Pioneer of Now, Dave Lebryk, U.S. Department of the Treasury

Read the article: Dave Lebryk of U.S. Treasury on Federal Use of the FedNow Service (Off-site)

"The Federal Reserve backing a real-time payments rail in the United States provides a level of security and peace of mind... when a bill is due, speed and safety can make all difference in the world." Pioneer of Now, Rob Nardelli, DailyPay

Read the article: Rob Nardelli of DailyPay on Earned Wage Access for Financial Equality (Off-site)

"One of the things I've notice [after the FedNow Service launch] is the invigorated interest in instant payments. I like to say we're going from a revolution to an evolution.", Pioneer of Now, Mark Majeske, Alacriti

Read the article: Mark Majeske of Alacriti: From Revolution to Evolution with Instant Payments (Off-site)

About the FedNow Service

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